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Friday, January 7, 2011


First of all, thank you so much for the kind comments on my blog yesterday.  I really appreciate it!

So right before Christmas we cancelled our cable - why?  Because we had been watching so much on Netflix (Instant) and Hulu that we barely watched TV.   We have since gotten a converter box so I can at least watch Biggest Loser and Top Model (don't judge!).  :)

**We are utterly and totally addicted to:

 We are on Season 3.... no spoilers people!

OMG its so good.  I never thought it would be a show we would like but after a few friends told us how amazing it is we started watching right after Christmas.  Yep, hooked.   Not sure what we're watching next - I have a list that includes Mad Men, Scrubs, Deadwood, Heroes, and a bunch of movies.  Any recommendations?   We've already watched Weeds, Dexter and Six Feet Under - all of which I would HIGHLY recommend!

PS:  My current favorite sweet tooth treat is Swiss Miss 60 calorie hot chocolate and Angie's Caramel Kettle Corn.http://angieskettlecorn.com/our-kettle-corn/

PPS:  TGIF!  Did this seem like the longest week ever?


  1. I'm on Season 3, too!!

    I got the first disc of Mad Men (after a 2-month wait, sheesh) and sent it back after watching an episode and a half. Not my thing. I watched Scrubs pretty religiously for the first several seasons. I also want to try Heroes - I've caught bits and pieces of episodes but not enough to actually follow the storyline.

    I've heard good things about Breaking Bad but haven't checked it out myself.

  2. My friend Julie has Mad Men so I'll test it out using her DVDs (so as not to hold up my Netflix mailings, lol). I tried watching the Tudors and quit - too much historical stuff to keep track of on top of who hates who's dad, who's sleeping with who's daughter, who's mistress is who's sister, oy.