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Monday, January 17, 2011


Good evening......

I think I want to do this:

http://www.kettleworx.com/  (not necessarily this program - I want to get my own kettlebell and work out DVD online - I just have to figure out which I want!)

Some history:

Quite a few people on Spark have taken up kettlebell work outs and look awesome.   Everyone seems to think cardio is the way to go to lose weight, HOWEVER, check this article out:

I've seen ladies on Spark who haven't lost a single pound (in fact some may weigh a pound or two more) but they LOOK leaner and have dropped inches and dress sizes by doing strength training.  Granted you can't do all one and not the other either.  I have NO interest in looking like a chick from the WWF, but I want to tone up and lose inches.

My main thing is learning to do it right so I don't herniate a disc.  :-)  Wish me luck, Chuck!

<- Chuck, wishing me luck.

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