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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Lucas and I have been very fortunate to travel - granted we haven't gone many places compared to some people, but we've been to:

Maui 3 times (and each time for my birthday - 19, 21, and 25)

I know we look like we're 12 in this picture -- I think this was when I turned 21.... or 19.  I'm going with 21, lol.

We've been to San Diego - LOVE!
See our ghost we photographed on the Queen Mary?  

New Orleans - again, LOVE!

Lake Tahoe

As well as Colorado to visit family (Lucas' aunt lives there).  We'd love to get back to Colorado this summer for a short trip - Lucas cousin now lives there AND my friend Boo and her boyfriend Matty moved there.  I'd love to go see them all - I don't think we've been there since 2003 maybe?  

BUT!  Our next BIG vacation is taking us to Europe.  That's it, I HAVE to get to Europe before the world ends (and the way the birds are falling out of the sky, that may be happening soon, LOL) - so in 2012 our goal is to get here:

Scotland and Ireland!  My dear friend (since Kindergarten), Sarah, lives there and I'm super excited to visit her!   Now I need to start my "vacation fund" because I know its not a cheap trip!  

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