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Friday, January 21, 2011


Oatmeal...... I really need to learn to love it.... why?  Because its good for you.  Its fills you up and its easy to make.  However.... when I think "oatmeal" I think this:  

 < this makes me want to heave

I've tried oatmeal before and I can't do it - its not even the taste.  It's totally the texture.  

These are oatmeal.   I would have NO problem eating these. :-)

I see pictures like this on my Spark Friend Cass' blog: Back To Her Roots  that make me think I really want to try to like oatmeal.   Anyone have any delicious oatmeal recipes (the chunkier the better - I've determined soupy oatmeal is not my thang)? 

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