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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Dinner:  Chicken with Italian seasoning, Brown/Wild Rice mix and Asparagus.  Yum.  I forgot I liked asparagus!

Its the Golden Globes tonight!!!  I love watching them.  I watch the Globes and the Oscars every year with my OBFF (online BFF) Michelle.
Say Hi To Michelle:

I "met" Michelle..... how long ago?  6 years ago? on an online message board dedicated to Italian Greyhounds. She has one too - Zeus.  Say to Hi to Zeus:

So anyhoo, we started chatting online and she is one of my best friends.  We talk about our dogs, our husbands, her kids (they're super cute and hilarious), what we're doing that day, etc. etc.  We both have a thing for coffee, shopping, IG's and Sephora.  Oh yeah, Michelle lives in New Jersey - I left that detail out.    :-)  We've never even spoken on the phone until this December when she called me at 1 am to tell me about a psychic reading she went to lol.  I can't wait to visit her one day - or for her to visit here - she wants to see the Mall of America for some crazy reason - however she's afraid of tornadoes and convinced we have them in MN 10 months of the year and she hates snow/cold so chances are I might be visiting her first, LOL. ♥ Ya Mich!

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