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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Day 8/30 A picture of something that makes you laugh......

My dogs make me laugh every single day.

Former foster dog Skim Latte' - look at those ears.  How can you not laugh?  He is such a sweet boy!

Chuck through the drinking glass.....

Basil testing out Lucas' safety glasses.

Chuck jammin.  Ok so she looks like she wants to kill us in our sleep.... she just didn't like that particular song.

Rich at our wild west murder mystery - this picture cracks me up purely because of those cow print chaps and the look of serious business on his face!

Damian!  How can this picture not make you laugh?  Love him!

And lastly, my 80 something year old Grandma dressed up for Halloween like "a floozy" - classic.  Go Granny Go.  She rocks.

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