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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Day 5/30 Picture of your favorite animal.   My Italian Greyhounds, DUH!!  :-)  I love them.  They're such a peculiar breed - anyone who has one knows what I'm talking about.  They're part cat, part canine, part human.  I swear.  

Our first two pups, Vinci and Ripley - Vinci is almost 1 here and Ripley only a few months old - this is the day we brought Rip home.

My sweet Rippers.  So handsome. 
We lost him in 2007.  :-(

We've fostered quite a few IG's through Lifeline IG Rescue.  This one we adopted.  Diva Miss Basil (see her painted toenails??).  D-I-V-A.  She's Lucas' dog.   I'm not even allowed near him if she's around, haha.

Basil babysitting godson Damian.

After we lost Ripley, we fostered and adopted Charlotte Charles, aka CHUCK!  She loves EVERYONE and I'm pretty sure she'd go home with anyone too.  And "Chuck" fits her.  She's such a boy.

She does Pilates with me too!

Vinci, my heart dog! 

All my babies....

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