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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Day 07/30 - A picture of your nicknames you have; why do you have them.

The nickname I have pictures of would be:

Yup, Queen.  Lana (aka Nurse Brown) at work started calling me Queen.  I'm guessing mostly because I say it like it is and I can be a little bossy, haha - but hey, I get my job done and I get it done quite well! LOL.  So I found the Queen shirt at Ragstock while Alice in Wonderland was hot - totally bought it even though it was super small.  I'll have to put it out again and see if it fits since I've lost 70 lbs.  The ornament Lana got me for Christmas - love it!!  Its hanging at work so I can enjoy it all year long. 

My parents call me Amber Louise or Amber Louis - seriously mom should have given me the middle name Louise instead of Lyn.  Amber Louis turned into Louie or Lulu Belle - again - don't ask me where these people came up with it.  Rumor has it I enjoyed singing along to a Huey Lewis and the News song *back in the day* - hence the Amber Louis. 

On another note - we're going to Julie's tonight for fondue!  Can't wait.  I need to go find my polyester leisure suit!

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