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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm researching CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) - basically you sign up and get a weekly delivery of veggies (and sometimes eggs, sometimes meat - depending on what you sign up for) - many CSA's are organic and of course they're all local.  My friend Katy and I are going to split a weekly delivery to save money (its not cheap) and because 1 of us can't eat 19 heads of lettuce.....

I would love to have something like this waiting for me once a week!

We're the first to admit we know nothing about picking a CSA - I've been trying to read up on the local ones at http://www.landstewardshipproject.org/csa.html and quick because sign up starts soon.  Has anyone done a CSA in the Minneapolis area???  If so, from which farm?  I'd love any recommendations!

Signing off with one of my favorite pictures of Basil - seems fitting on a snowy cold day like today!

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  1. Keep me posted on what you learn - I've been thinking about this, too.