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Thursday, June 28, 2012

What next??

I don't write 'downer' blogs and this isn't meant to be one - its more like a WTF blog?  LOL.

1. I mailed in my LAST car payment.  I will be $336.36 richer each month now.... and then my head gasket went out on my car.... really?

2.  I go outside to wrangle dogs in.  I yell and they don't come - not unusual.  I grab the treat bag and they still don't come - unusual especially for fatty Vinci who loves treats.   I look around I can't find them......panic...  they are wayyyyyyyyy over in the corner by the fence digging... for what you ask?  There is a nest of baby BUNNIES!  For F sake..... now Lucas is trying to figure out a way to 1. save the bunnies and 2. keep my dogs from digging a hole under the fence.

3. Full moon Tuesday and we are feeling it full force at work!

How's your week going?  :-)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


  • Listening: To the "Big Bang Theory" - I love this show.  Love. Love. Love.  Everyone together now... "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fuuuuuur.  Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purrr purrr purrrr."  :-)
  • Reading: Blogs.  Lots and lots of blogs.  I just finished a book called "Eat to Live" by Joel Furhman.  Very interesting.  I definitely recommend it.
  • Watching: See "Listening"
  • Working On: Getting our house ready to go on the market again.  We'll try it one more time for a few months and see how it goes.  
  • Thinking About: All the pretty dresses I'm lusting after on Mod Cloth, Bettie Page and Unique Vintage....
  • Anticipating: The weekend.  Looking forward to boating with friends on Saturday and dinner with friends on Sunday.  And a photo shoot - stay tuned.  :)
  • Eating: Nothing currently but I could really go for a snack.  Its too late in the evening for eating now. Boo...
  • Wishing: We could be independently wealthy so Lucas could have his own business, I could sell my house for $1 and we could go buy a nice loft down by the Guthrie.  :-)  Oh to dream.  
  • Wednesday, June 20, 2012


    Found these on Pinterest and they have me cracking up.  

    Truth!  Who else does this?  

    I wish I could say this sometimes.... 






    Saturday, June 16, 2012

    A little vintage shopping

    I've been dying to go to JoJo's Retro and Vintage shop in Hopkins - she has a great Etsy shop and also just opened a little shop on Main Street Hopkins where she is open on the 3rd weekend of every month and by appointment.  She has a bloggy blog:  http://jojosretroandvintage.blogspot.com/ and here is a link to her Facebook page - please go "like" her!


    I'm always on the hunt for dresses with more of a 50's silhouette.  I think most of Minneapolis is as well so they're hard to find especially in a larger size - women in the 50's were teeeeeny.  While JoJo's didn't have exactly what I was looking for they did have this number:

    Yep - its a maternity dress from the 60's.  Create a waist and you've got yourself a shirtdress.  Its amazing what a belt can do!

    Friday, June 15, 2012

    You Put the Lime in the Coconut....

    Let's talk about coconut oil.  I love it.  Love.  Love.  Love.  What started my love affair?

    I came across this website on Pinterest:

    http://www.deliciousobsessions.com/2012/01/52-uses-for-coconut-oil-the-simple-the-strange-and-the-downright-odd/ and http://www.deliciousobsessions.com/2012/05/122-uses-for-coconut-oil-even-more-of-the-simple-the-strange-and-the-downright-odd/

    After reading that I picked this up at Trader Joe's:

    Out of all those uses I've only used it for a few things - I put it in my hair at night, I put it on my skin and I put it on my knee after I skinned it up after an unfortunate incident with a curb and heels.  Hehe.  So my experience so far - my hair is super shiny and getting healthier.  My skin has been clearer than ever - if I start getting a zit I put some oil on it and it goes away super fast.  I've even put the oil on my arms, legs, etc as if it were lotion.  I only put it in my hair (wet or dry) and on my skin before bed as it can be a little greasy.   I noticed after putting it on my wound that it healed really fast.  I still have a scar but I'm sure that's going to take time to clear up.   It has a pretty faint smell.  Although right after I put it on Lucas says I smell like a macaroon or a pastry haha.  The scent tends to fade after its been on a bit though.  

    Coconut oil is solid at room temperature (as seen above).  Its been nice now that its hot - it keeps it always a little soft and even soupy if its really hot which helps when applying it.  

    I haven't cooked with coconut oil yet - probably because the jar is in the bathroom.  :)  I'll have to get another for the kitchen.  

    I threw out all my creams and potions that cost lots of money (and contain lots of chemicals).  Coconut oil is $6 for a good sized jar at Trader Joe's and its natural and organic.  Sounds like a winner to me!  Have you guys used coconut oil?  What did you think?

    Monday, June 11, 2012

    June Birchbox

    Here are pics of my June Birchbox.  I actually cancelled my subscription as well.  For $10 a month I just didn't feel like I was getting much.  Maybe I'll start back up at another time.   Here's what I got:

    Retro headband from Modcloth - love!

    Lip/Cheek stain


    Teeny tiny tube of sunscreen

    Self tanner  

    Sunday, June 10, 2012

    The circus continues

    More pics of the party from my incredibly talented friend Julie!

    I loved their costumes! Paul won best costume and his wife Emily was actually wearing a 50's majorette leotard.  Love, love!

    Back of my dress.  Can you say no bra?  

    The bearded lady and the acrobat.

    Garrett and Luci - Luci's dress was also 30's vintage and Garrett made his own knives.  They have both done some professional acting too!

    Ly wearing all three of my crinolines.  :)

    Can you imagine being my neighbor and seeing this??

    Garrett and his knife

    Love this picture - Meredith made a great skinny woman - the tights made the costume.

    The killer clown showcasing his skills.

    The fortune teller (and photographer) Julie.

    Emily's lovely necklace - this played a part in her eventual demise.


    The ringmaster presents the almost naked guy and his whip.  Again - what do my neighbors think?  LOL

    Ly and I

    Great pic Julie took.  

    Wheelin' and dealin' going on here -

    Lisa chatting with Lucas - her character had a bum ankle... someone cut the tightrope during her act causing her to have a "tragic accident".

    Thank you again to Julie for her amazing photography! Thank you to Lucas for helping me set up and clean up the party (and spend the money on it lol) and thank you again to all of our friends (old and new!) for being awesome!

    The circus is here! The circus is here!

    Our 5th murder mystery party was a success!  The theme this year "Murder Under the Big Top" - a 1930's circus party.  We had quite a few new people attending.  Here are a few pics - I'll post prettier ones (aka pictures taken by Julie) later in the week.  But here' s a taste!

    Free Admission to those who Dream.....

    Circus food.....

    Welcome to the Big Top!

    Lucas and I were the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Hargrove.

    Boomer Jackson the Ringmaster and Casey Saber the Sword Swallower

    The victim! Ariel Swinger, stabbed in the back!

    Who did it?  Was it Twisty Kritsty?

    Or the knife thrower Nick Dagger?  She was stabbed in the back after all.....

    Nope, in the end it was the clown.... never trust a clown (or the lady with the beard)!

    More pics posted on Facebook and later in the week! Thank you to all of our friends!