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Friday, April 29, 2011


Happy Friday!  Yes I was one of those crazies that got up at 4:30 this morning to watch the wedding.  I was back in bed by 6.  :)  I went on a slight rampage on FB last night about certain people bitching about others getting up early to watch the wedding or even caring about the wedding.  I basically said I don't bitch about your stupid Super Bowl or NFL draft parties so beat it.  :-)  I mean really?  Is my interest in the royal wedding any different than anyone else's interest in a ridiculous sport?  No.  At least in 10 years people will still remember what Kate Middleton looked like - they aren't going to remember who the Vikings drafted.  Off the soap box.....

I thought the wedding was beautifully done - all the pomp and circumstance was there yet it was simple and understated like William and Kate seem to be.    Her dress was perfect.  I think it was fitting to her.   Very Grace Kelly.  I'm happy she didn't go too "poofy" - Diana's dress was awful but I can bet you $100 Diana had little input in her wedding dress.  Times have changed in the royal family since the days of Di and Chuck (thankfully).

Perfect picture.

I did think while Kate was walking down the aisle "OMG I would have needed a pit stop for water and a bathroom break" - that was the longest aisle ever.  I also loved when Harry looked over his shoulder to sneak a peek at Kate - he totally said something to William like "Bom chicka wow wow - your woman is hawt!"  LOL.  

Kate's sister looked beautiful too!  And look at those little flower girls!

Can we talk about hats???   I reaaaaalllly wish I could be British and wear some sweet ass hats to weddings.  My friend Sarah and her wife Maria came to the states when Sarah's sister got married and Maria sported the most beautiful bright pink hat here at the wedding.  I loved it!!  And I loved that Maria brought her culture to the States and wore it proudly!  I saw pictures from that wedding and I think everyone there had a picture taken wearing her hat, haha!  Ok, so you have the wild hats:

Fergie and Andrew's daughters - Beatrice is in the nude suit and hat - she always has the weirdest hats.  But good for her for being fashion forward.  See what I mean about the wild hats?  Bea at a different event:

Another wild hat - I think this is one of William's friends.  That hat is.... I don't know - makes her look like a unicorn or something.

The Beckhams.  I did NOT like Vicky B's dress.  She's pregnant - doesn't mean she has to wear a tent!  She's probably a whopping size 4 now.  I would have rather seen her in this dress, but FITTED.  Nothing wrong with seeing a baby bump.  Bless her heart for wearing those 7 inch heels while preggo though.  

The mother brigade:  Kate's mom, THE BIG GRANDMOMMA and Step Mom.  They all looked great.  I hate the Queen's purses - seriously, she has 91 ladies in waiting - make one of them carry it.

Singer Joss Stone - this is more my speed.  Love the coral dress and the simple hat.

Love this one too - Princess Victoria from Sweden.

HATS everywhere!!  I guess in England you accept the fact that you may not see what's going on in front of you at a wedding.   :-)

Happy weekend everyone!  We're eating at the Duplex in Minneapolis tonight - review tomorrow.

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