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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I went to Trader Joe's last night to pick up a few things and I asked Lucas if he wanted me to pick anything up for him.  He said to get him some organic gala apples - ok easy enough.  So I get to TJ's and I'm thinking "wow, those apple are really small - alot smaller than the last ones he'd gotten" - anyway I grabbed the apples and went on my way.  So I got them home and of course Lucas thought it was pretty funny I got him "cherries" for apples.   I get this text from him today:

Followed by:

a boy who makes me laugh! - I said "what's this about" and he says "a miniature wizard holding my miniature apple" - I got quite a laugh about that one.   My question is who has a miniature wizard at their work?  Lucas apparently!   Oh, and he has a name:  Rivuletta (which is apparently the name of a texture of glass). We only have Edward Cullen where I work.....

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