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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Big news!  Our house is officially going on the market in the next couple of weeks (our goal is Feb 1)!  We've been throwing around the idea of moving for awhile now.  We love our house, we just don't love the drive to work anymore (this winter REALLLLLLY put us over the edge!).  We wish we could just pick up the house and set it somewhere in NE Minneapolis but we know that isn't happening, haha.   As I said, we want to move to Northeast - it has such a great vintage-homey-everyone is welcome-old school neighborhood feel, but yet its close to the city.   Lucas' parents and grandparents both grew up there and its really fun that we'll eventually be living there.   We aren't going to buy a house right away however.  We decided right now we want to rent for awhile.  Renting will not only save us quite a bit of money each month (to save for a down payment on a house and maybe even allow us to do a little traveling) but we're actually both SUPER excited to not having the responsibilities of owning a home!    Oooooh the irony - I remember 6 years ago when we couldn't WAIT to own a house.  Fools!  LOL  We're looking forward to simplifying and downsizing too.   We're looking at renting a house or duplex or condo in either Uptown (which is close to my work) or NE (which is close to Lucas' work).  We are also super excited to be closer to shops, restaurants and the lakes so we can walk our dogs everywhere.  On top of saving us money renting for 1-2 years will also give us the time to look for a house in NE.  We want to be able to take our time and find the right house in the right neighborhood.  

My awesome mom is coming up this weekend to help us get the house ready - we have some paint touch up to do, clean the carpets, de-clutter, pack some stuff up, etc.  We have to get a city inspection done and then the house is going on the market - might sell in a week, might sell in 6 months.  Of course we'll just take things as they come and "go with it".  Once the house does sell we'll kick into high gear to find a new place to live (our biggest hurdle is finding a place that takes pets AND after my experience driving on Minneapolis side streets after 2 blizzards, I *INSIST* on off street parking) and we'll probably have a mini garage sale (albeit possible an indoor one or a "Facebook" one) in order downsize before moving.  Stay tuned for updates!  We're super excited about the upcoming months!  Oh... and if you know anyone looking to buy a house in New Hope or wanting to rent an apartment/house/duplex in Uptown/NE/South Minneapolis, let us know!!  And please send good thoughts/karma/whatever ya got that the house sells pretty painlessly and quickly!

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