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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Last night we hosted our Halloween party.  I decided this year due to minimal response for a large party to do a small dinner party instead.  And I would totally do it again!  Lucas and I both agree that it was more fun to sit around a table and have conversations and laughs and good food with 9 people rather than run around cleaning up after and/or making sure there is constantly enough food out for 30 people and making sure they feel included, etc.  I'll save that for the Murder Mystery Parties.

This year my theme was dinner of the dead - I asked each guest to come as someone famous or historical who is dead.  What creative friends I have!!  Take a look at who came to dinner:


Mr. Rogers and X the Owl

Frida Kahlo

Jim Jones (with his Kool Aid and Bible) and Jesus H. Christ

Amelia Earhart flew in...

Janis Joplin and Chris Farley as Matt Foley

Phyllis Diller!

Check those eyelashes!

So all told our death count went as follows:  3 old age, 2 OD's, 2 suicides, a plane crash and a crucifixion in a pear tree.... I mean a cross...

We played a couple games that had everyone laughing.  We drank wine, beer and ate really good food (turkey, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, waldorf salad, green beans, chips and guac, deviled eggs, cookies, bread and cheese) including this beauty:

A Devils Food bundt cake with cinnamon chipotle fudge sauce served with cinnamon ice cream.  The only thing said during dessert was "mmmmmMMMmmmM".  Yep.

Lucas set up the tombstones outside - there was a spine model at work that was thrown out because it broke - I snatched that right up.  Can you see it?

Here are a few pictures of the dinner table and other decorations around the house:

Thank you to my wonderful friends for being outgoing, creative and just so awesome!  Can't wait for next year (you know I'm already thinking of themes)!

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  1. Wow, LOVE the costumes, and the decor is amazing! This is such a fantastic idea - right up my alley. *mentally files the idea away for next year* :)