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Friday, July 29, 2011


A Fun Friday post from Cassie at Back to Her Roots!

15 Years Ago (July 1996), I:

  1. had just finished 8th grade.
  2. had huge glasses
  3. and I think I still had braces

10 Years Ago (July 2001), I:

  1. was done with one year of college.
  2. had been dating Lucas for 2 years.
  3. Went on an airplane for the first time to Maui

5 Years Ago (July 2006), I:

  1. was working at a spine clinic (not the one I work at now - the competition)
  2. bought our house.
  3. had been married almost 2 years

3 Years Ago (July 2008), I:

  1. was now working for another spine clinic
  2. had a pirate Murder Mystery Party (complete with hail storm)
  3. took my niece to San Diego for Spring Break

1 Year Ago (July 2010), I:

  1. had lost about 50 lbs
  2. had an 80's murder mystery party
  3. had foster puppy Ayla

Yesterday, I:

  1. went to the doctor
  2. slept good
  3. did laundry

Today, I:

  1. ate Applebee's for dinner
  2. got an estimate for the damage on my car - $1000.  Uffda.
  3. am watching "Sucker Punch".
Tomorrow, I:
  1. am getting my hair done.
  2. am going boating with my aunties, uncles, parents and family friends
  3. will not be cooking dinner again.

In a week, I:

  1. will have gotten groceries
  2. will be heading to my parents for the weekend.
  3. will hopefully see Harry Potter.

In one month (August 2011), I:

  1. will be hoping for cooler weather.
  2. will go see King Tut at the Science Museum.
  3. will have lunch at the famous Tilia in Minneapolis.

In one year (July 2012), I:

  1. will be moved to the city.
  2. will have been married almost 8 years.
  3. will be 30.  Yikes.

In five years (July 2016), I:

  1. would like Lucas to have his own furniture shop.
  2. will have traveled to Spain and Scotland to see our friends.
  3. will still have Italian Greyhounds.

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