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Monday, July 11, 2011


Random Thoughts for a Monday:

*I have a bite on my wrist that EFFING ITCHES.

*I'm working on my Halloween costumes.  Mwhahaha.  

*I need to work on figuring out when we're going to Denver.

*I'm excited to hang out with friends this weekend - Friday night we are saying goodbye to Bekki and Camilo before they go to Spain; Saturday we are going to a going away party for Lucas' co-worker (she's moving to Colorado) and then my friend Sarah (who I haven't seen since right after high school) and her wife Maria are coming from Scotland so we're doing dinner.  Its an international weekend!   Except all my friends are moving away.  Boo.

*If Michelle Bachman gets elected I am moving to Europe.  Period.  Mom and Dad will have to deal.  Or come with.  

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