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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was having this conversation with my friend Michelle last night, so it got me thinking - what's your favorite time of year?  Now most people would expect a Minnesoooootan to say SUMMER, duh.  Not this Minnesotan.   I like the months of September 1 - January 1.  First let me tell you first why I dislike the months of Jan-September.....  

January 1 hits.  You're in a food/family coma from all the holiday celebrating.... January is long, cold and dark.  It is nice to not be busy....  I mean we tend to get so bored in January that we go out on frozen lakes to look at art or ice fish.

February is short, cold and dark.   Period.  Usually lots of snow.   Its at this point driving in rush hour snow traffic is starting to turn us all into frozen zombies...  we do try to liven things up a bit with the "Winter Carnival" - aka standing outside frozen looking at ice sculptures or participate in bike races through the snow.

March - eh, March is ok.  I mean its my birthday month so that's all good, but overall its a tease - some days its 75, the next week we have 23 inches of snow.   

April is generally wet, cold and miserable.  

May can be a repeat of April.   With a hail storm thrown in.

Even June this year was a bit chilly.   

*Yes, once in awhile we get a stellar Spring (like 2010 - all my flowers bloomed so early and I remember it being super nice March, April and May).  2011 was not so kind.  We even had sweaters on at the Mad Men party in June.*

Then we get the dog days of summer known as July and August.  I'm not a fan of the humid or the 100 degrees.  Summer is almost busier for us than the winter season - we have so little time to enjoy the sun and warmth we pack in as much as we can.  It does get a little exhausting.....  now I'm not saying I hate summer.  I don't.  Minneapolis is lovely this time of year.

Ohhhhh September, how I missed thee - the weather is starting to cool off a bit - and when I say "cool" I mean like 70's - doable.  A few 80's here and there, even a 90 is possible, but much less humid and much more comfortable.  And its Lucas' birthday month.

October - DUH!  Come on - October is my favorite.  I lluuuuurve Halloween, Zombie Pub Crawl, haunted houses, pumpkins, orchards, apple pies, pumpkin pies, fall leaves, apple crisp, the smell of cinnamon apple cider and bonfires in the crisp fall air.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

November and December - I don't even mind November and December so much because for as much snow as we get in this state, its still kind of fun and a bit of a novelty the first few times we get a snow fall.  I like Thanksgiving and the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Shopping,  the Macy's Christmas window display, sparkly ornaments, putting up the tree, watching family open gifts you've thought so hard about, being with family, the smell of stuffing and mashed potatoes, the warm glow of candles and Christmas lights.  Ahh... yes.  Busy, but fun.

And then its suddenly Jan 2 again...... I'm starting to think animals who hibernate are incredibly wise. 

What's your favorite time of year?

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  1. I heart September/October. Even my birthday doesn't quite make up for the rest of February.