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Saturday, July 23, 2011


What a lovely day of doing NOTHING!  We had a busy week last week - company Tues night and Wed night, and Bike Night/dinner Thurs night.  Whew.  It was good to have a day off.  We watched movies today - "True Grit" and "You Don't Know Jack" which is the story of Dr. Jack Kevorkian.  Pretty interesting actually.  

On another note, my grammy isn't feeling well.  Everyone send your happy vibes to her please.  :-)  She's such a spit fire and will tell you straight how it is (hmmm, that's where I get it from) but she would give you the shirt off her back (or anything in her house) if you asked for it.  She suffered a fracture in her back a few weeks ago (nothing serious but VERY painful) and I think the medications and pain have just got her all messed up.  Anyway, please send your positive energy to Grandma!  Here she is dressed up "like a floozy" in her words at Halloween.  :-)

And on one more random note, I've been browsing the internet looking for Halloween inspiration.  I need a zombie costume idea for Zombie Pub Crawl (if we go - I'm waiting to see how much they up the ticket prices this year....) and Halloween costume idea.   I kind of love this wig and the make up, but I'm not sure what kind of costume I'd style out of it....

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