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Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Friday!  I had the day off today.  It was looooovely.  I got a bunch of laundry done, started picking up/organizing the house in preparation for our Open House this weekend and now I have a roast and carrots in the crock pot with fresh garlic, basil and oregano.  Mmm.... yes please.  Oh, and its HOT out.  Wowza.  The dogs aren't even interested in staying outside for a long time today.

Five Question Friday!

1. Do you think cursive writing is overrated? (Schools in Indiana have now voted to take teaching cursive writing out of their curriculum.)
I think children should be taught penmanship - whether that's cursive writing or not, whatever.  But kids these days cannot write to save their lives.   An example - my niece has sloppy handwriting so my mom said something to one of her teachers - the answer "well kids just use computers anyway so we don't care much about their handwriting" - OMG really?  I remember being in school and writing on LINED paper with a pencil without an eraser.  And we did it right or did it again.  Where did those days go??  

2. Do you still use a pocket calendar or notepad or do you keep your info on your smart phone?
I have a calendar in my purse - I use that and the iCalendar on my MacBook.

3. What 3 things would you save if your house was burning down? (family & pets are already safe).
My MacBook because it has lots of pictures on it, my wedding album and my purse (because my ID and money would be in it).

4. Country Mouse or City Mouse, err Person?
CITY!!   After growing up in the country I can't imagine living in it again.  Maybe one day when I'm old.  But right now I like everything close by with lots of things to do.  I remember living in the country being bored off my rocker.

5. If you could pick ANY reality show to go on, which would you pick?
Hmmmm.... any of them on the Travel channel where you get to go on luxurious vacations on someone else's dime!   MMmmmhhhmmm, that'll do!

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