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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Its May 1st.  Its 35 degrees out.  The windchill is 30.   For the love.

On to happier things.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BASIL!!!  We don't know for sure when Basil was born other than "May 1999" so May 1 is her designated birthday - Grandma B is 12 years old.   She's still pretty spunky for an old lady.  

Here she is the day she came into rescue - we fostered her first and she just decided to stay, haha.  Her former owners got divorced and the husband took the dogs (two of them) and he was trying to basically hide them in his no dogs allowed apartment.  

Yes, her nails are painted.

Diva B.

And she decides when Vinci is allowed to touch her.  

Happy Birthday B!

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