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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My latest blogs I can't stop reading (in addition to the others I've blogged about before):

Emily Bites  - very similar to Skinny Taste - lots of good low cal recipes

Trader Joe's Fan  - a message board about products from and recipes using products from TJ's

Ramshackle Glam - I love Jordan's blog - she talks about fashion, food, interior design, randomness, love!

Tom and Lorenzo - these boys crack me up - the talk about fashion AND my fave TV show, Mad Men

Life is a VERB!  - not a ton of reading, but lots of great motivational pics and speak.

Always Order Dessert - not EVEN low calorie, but fun to see what she comes up with - it always looks amazing.

Nutmeg Notebook - more recipes - and they don't all have Nutmeg.

So when I'm asked "OMG what do you do on the laptop all the time??"  - I READ!!  Ya know, like people who read books and newspapers - I just read them on a computer screen.  Really cuts down on the clutter.  :)

And just to make you laugh (I dare you not to):

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