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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Good morning.  Lovely weather we're having isn't it?  Seriously.  Mother Nature, we get it - you hate MN, now move on.   Of course I'm grateful we don't have what the South has been dealing with, but Spring would be nice at some point before July.  

Anyhoooooo!  We went out to dinner last night at Duplex Mpls on Hennepin.  Such a cool little bistro like place.  It is literally in a duplex.   Loved it!  Lucas had the house made spaghetti
 tossed with house smoked salmon, shallots, diced tomatoes, peas and lemon tarragon cream sauce.  He said it was awesome.  I had the mixed greens salad with house smoked salmon, raspberries, walnuts and a lemon vinaigrette.  YUM!!  Our friend Julie had some rabbit and said it was awesome - I tried a little bit of the critter too - tasted like pork.  Lucas tried a new Belgian beer that he really enjoyed - I don't remember the name of it?  Nocturnum something.  I had a Violet Dream which was stoli vanilla, sparkling wine and creme de violette - wow.  It was such a pretty drink (deep purple in the bottom to clear at the top) and it tasted like I was drinking sweet vanilla violets.  Really different and good.

And lastly a picture of me and Lucas that my friend and dinner date Julie took.

I'm heading up to St. Cloud today with my mom and aunts for a bridal shower.  This evening I will be curling up on my warm couch watching movies.  :-)  Tomorrow brunch at the Original Pancake House.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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