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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I like that quote..... 

Are you done losing weight yet??   

I'm getting this question alot lately.  How do you know when you're done?  I don't think you're ever really "done" done - everyone always fluctuates.  I've been at the same weight give or take a few pounds since April.  So I'm really good at maintaining.  I must be losing a LITTLE in "inches" because my dress pants are getting a little roomier than they were a couple months ago.  But they still fit fine and its nice to not be spending $$$$ on clothes that fit every 2 months.   I would say I'm in maintenance/tone up mode.  I'm still going to keep eating well and walking/doing Pilates - if I lose weight, I lose weight.   If I maintain, cool.   I'm not going to sweat it - which is usually when you end up losing weight.  C'est la vie.   I'd like to work on toning up more which may not necessarily result in pounds lost but instead inches lost.   There is a girl on my spark website that weighs 160 pounds - she's weighed that the entire time and went from a size 10 to a size 2 because she leaned out and lost inches.  Which is exactly why a number is a number.  Do what feels good and do what YOU think looks good - I like being curvy - I would never want to be super thin.  Ish - not my thing.  No offense to you super thin people.  :-)

In other news - I finally got some new lounge/yoga pants from Old Navy.  See this:

I haven't been a size small since I was like 2.  For reals.  Ok, off to order Chinese for dinner - there's a place by our house that delivers and they have AWESOME steamed chicken/veggies and rice.  Yummmooo!

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