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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


*Disclaimer:  If you tell me I'm "rushing summer" you can beat it.   October is my favorite month - its NOT my fault that it happens to be right before the dreaded dark cold months known as "winter"*  

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.....

  After talking about it at work this morning for no reason whatsoever, I got the email today that Zombie Pub Crawl VIII is October 8, 2011!!!!    Soooo excited!!  Its grown exponentially in the last few years so it will be interesting to see how it is this year especially after all the feedback last year - it was super crowded and I think alot of people complained about waits at bars, etc.   

Here we are the first year we went (zombie flapper and zombie jailbird) with Camilo:

And here we are last year (zombie nerd and zombie 80's chick):

Love my zombie friends.....

What to be this year?!?! Mwhahaha!  Ideas floating in my head include Disney zombies, Wizard of Oz zombies, Alice in Wonderland zombies, and Mad Men zombies.  EEeeeeek!

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