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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Happy Summer!  88 degrees in Minneapolis today.  Still 86.  Apparently there is a tornado warning for Hennepin County but its not even dark out our window yet, so who knows.  Dog leashes are ready and we're in the basement so we're ready if need be.  

This is me currently (slightly less manly though):

Anyone have any thoughts on cell phones!?!?  I hate mine currently.  Its a T-Mobile My Touch.  We've had T-Mobile for awhile now - 5 years maybe?  We had Verizon but when we moved we didn't get reception at the bottom of the hill where the house is so we switched to T-Mobile.  Never had any issues with service, etc.  I got a My Touch last summer/fall - I don't remember exactly when but I'll be finding out!  I've had issues with the phone itself - I don't think its the T-Mobile service because Lucas never has issues.  So my phone started just "dropping service" - a big X over the bars.  In the middle of calls, in the middle of texts, etc.  I took it in sometime this winter and they first switched out the SIM card and said that will fix it.  Yeah right.  Didn't do a dang thing.  So I took it back in and they just gave me a new phone (another My Touch).  This one has worked great until about the last couple weeks and it started doing it again - dropping coverage.  Now I have it turned on and it won't load contacts. I can't even DIAL IT!  I can get on the internet fine but that doesn't help me make a phone call.  SIGH.   These stupid smart phones are not so smart.   We're contemplating switching service again because we aren't thrilled with AT&T buying T-Mobile.   I'm going to T-Mobile tomorrow or Thursday to get a new freaking phone.  AND to check when our contract ends..... 

So what phone would you recommend?   And don't say "iPhone" - I don't want one.  No offense to my iPhone fan friends but I'm not interested.  I know people who love them and I know people who hate them.  My main things - I don't like a touch keyboard because I text a lot and I suck at touch screen texting and I want internet.   Any recommendations on phones or cell phone companies?

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