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Friday, May 13, 2011


TGIF!  Last night we went to CAKE - amazing!  They put on a great show.  Lots of audience interaction.  Small venue.  Love. Love. Love.  We went to The Inn for dinner.  It was good.  My only issue was the menu - its kind of limited - for instance under "Entree" it said "Chicken", "Beef", "Lamb", "Sturgeon", "Gnocchi" - mkay.  I'd like a salad please?  Soup perhaps? They had one salad under appetizers which was awesome but it would never fill you up.  The portions for the entrees were huge - I swear to God I have 1/2 a chicken on my plate.  Lucas ordered a "Fish Sandwich" and basically got 2 pieces of batter fried fish on some soggy bread.... not at all what he expected.  My friend Julie got the pork which was kind of bland.  Anyway, it was good - not mindblowing, but I'm not sure I'll be rushing to go back.  So, pictures:

This is the one and only salad -  a beet salad.  Really good and I don't love beets!

Appetizers - they were basically potato stuffed wontons - interesting and good.

My half a chicken:

Dessert - almond infused cake with rosewater whipped cream and candied apricots.  Decent but not for $12.

My illegal photo of the State Theater where we saw CAKE.

Grandma sent presents for Basil and Chuck's May birthdays:

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

And lastly - my planter to hold my herbs - isn't it awesome!?  Lucas made if of course.

Happy weekend.  Let's hope we can get above 60 at some point....

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