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Friday, May 6, 2011


5 Question Friday!

1. Have you ever had roommates?

Just Lucas. :)  He's a pretty good roommate.

2. How many names do you/your children have? (i.e. Prince Charming William Phillip Arthur Louis John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt)
One for the girl canines - Basil Marie and Charlotte Rose after the grandmas and Vinci is just Vinci....  or sometimes Vinchenzo Mio - so I guess that can be his middle name.  :)

3. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

Duh, and I blogged about it!  Royal Wedding Review

4. What is the messiest room in your house?

Kitchen - always.  Half the time there are grass clippings, etc on the floor from dog feet, misc crumbs and dishes of course.  Sigh.  My least favorite room to clean too.

5. What is your ideal mothers day?

Same as every other day.  :)

Dinner tonight:

Turkey burgers on the grill with Swiss cheese and fixings.  Strawberries with cool whip.  Yum.

Our duckies (1 girl, 3 boys - lucky girl? or poor girl?) were chilling on the neighbor's roof.

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