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Friday, May 27, 2011


Happy Memorial Day weekend, all!   

Five Question Friday!

1. Do you apologize to your kids?

My canine kids, yes.  Ya know, when I accidentally kick one in bed or trip over them.  :)

2. What color are your nails right now?

Au natural right now

3. When you were growing up, how difficult was it for you to stay home from school sick? (As in, did you have to vomit or just say "I don't feel good".)

I could stay home whenever I wanted, but I didn't just stay home because I wanted to stay home.  I (GASP!) actually enjoyed school.  I usually was always SICK when I stayed home.  

4. When is the last time you bought a new comforter for your bed?

Hmm... last summer when I redid the bedroom color.  :)

5. Favorite website(s)?

I have a million that I've blogged about before.  They include:  J's Everyday FashionBack to Her RootsPrior Fat Girl (And she's from MN)www.facebook.comRamshackle Glamwww.oldnavy.comSkinny Taste, and Spark People just to name a few.   :-) 

Have a safe weekend!

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