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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Good morning!  Last night we went to NorthEast Social with Julie.  Food was awesome!!  A little $$$, but that's why you don't go every week.  :-)

Dinner picture courtesy of Julie.

I had a Crispin Hard Apple Cider honey.  YUM.   It was like 30 something ounces too - I didn't finish!

Lucas tried one called 400 Pound Monkey.

For dinner I had poussin (aka sweet baby chicken) with a wild mushroom risotto.  Amazing!  And thank you to that little baby chicken for sacrificing itself for my dinner.   Lucas had a steak sandwich that he said was awesome.  Julie did the porkchop which was also really flavorful.

Hello dessert.  

This morning I whipped up some homemade mango salsa and sangria.   Yes, I had sangria at 11 am.  :)

And one last pictures of Vinci and Basil making out.  

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