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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Helloooooooooooooo March.  Welcome.  I hope you bring nice weather, little snow and hopefully summer at some point.  ;-)

March brings my last birthday in my "20's" - le sigh.  It's ok.  Everyone says 30 is pretty decent, so I'll embrace my last year as a 20-something and be super excited for 30.  I've heard that 40 is a bitch though..... I'll have to plan something fun for my 30th in 2012 (especially since the world is suppose to be ending) - perhaps a 20's theme costume party to say "good bye to my 20's"?   You all know I love a good costume party.  

Speaking of costume parties, we might have to have one last HURRAH this spring before our house sells (pretty sure wherever we move won't be nearly big enough for 25-35 people costume parties).  Any opinions on these themes:

* Murder in Sin City (Vegas obviously)
* Ho, Ho, Homocide:  A North Pole Night of Naughtiness (my personal favorite)
* Murder in Margaritaville (think Jimmy Buffet)
* Lights! Camera! Murder! (Hollywood-ish)


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  1. I love "Ho, Ho, Homicide" but seems weird to do in May or whenever. You know we're on board with whatever you choose, though!

    Also, feel free to hold 'em at my house after you move. We're not *quite* as out in the boonies as before! :D