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Monday, March 21, 2011


Random Thoughts Monday.......

* Happy Spring (only because it will bring summer)!

*  That being said, Spring is my least favorite season.  Why?  Mud, dirt, sand and wiping dog feet 29 times a day.  At least in the winter its frozen and pretty lol.

* After Saturday night, I could never be bulimic. Ever.  Ugh.

* After 15+ hours of sleep, I woke up today at like 12:30 feeling pretty good.  I still can't eat a ton because I'm pretty sure my stomach is the size of a golf ball.

* Doing more research for my Mad Men cocktail party.  Thinking of doing it early/mid June (if we still have a house).   If the house suddenly sells I may have to move that date up.  :-)   Now, the question is, do I go for the hot housewife or the sexy secretary look?

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