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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Like the new background?   One week til St. Patrick's Day.  I don't celebrate because I don't have an ounce of Irish blood in me (I guess anyone can be Irish for the day right?) but we'll make the blog festive.  :-)  Anyone have plans?

Random Thought Thursday:

* Holy hell the full moon is coming (I looked it up - 3/19) - today I had more phone calls from crazies with completely weird/irrelevant/off the wall questions, EVER.  Shiza, as my friend Katy would say!

* I have Monday off!  HOLLA!  Well it won't be relaxing at all - Lucas took off too so we're taking Chuck to the vet for a teeth cleaning (drop off at 830 so no sleeping in, boo), have a breakfast date at the Bad Waitress in Uptown, out to Delano to meet with the insurance guy (he likes to meet yearly and we haven't met in about 5!), chiro appointment at 2:30, pick up Basil and take her to the vet for a shot and pick up Chuck from the teeth cleaning and hopefully somewhere in there get my driver's license renewed.   Yikes, I'm already tired thinking about Monday.

 <- Chuck ready for some pearly whites

* Its suppose to remain above freezing (mostly) for the next week.  Thank you baby Jesus we might see summer yet!

Have a great weekend!!   Anyone have fabulous plans?  Daylight Savings is Saturday night/Sunday morning!!  Spring ahead (aka lose an hour of precious sleep!).

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  1. leaving Wednesday for Phoenix--10 days of desert and sun!!