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Friday, February 11, 2011


Day 20/21 -  A picture of your closest friend.

Again, I can't say I have ONE BFF. 

There's my friend Michelle who I blogged about here:  Meet Michelle.  I've never met her but she's definitely one of my best friends.  

And there's my friend Katy who I met when I started working in the spine surgery business (so that was about 2005-ish).  We're the same age (ok, I'm 29 days older and she reminds me of it all the time).  We both have amazing moms.  We like the same things (shopping, movies, Coach purses).  She started on Spark people with me and lost weight too.  We have some differences - I'm a little bit country (as in I grew up in the sticks) and she's a little bit rock 'n roll (as in she grew up in NE Minneapolis).  We love to compare our upbringings, haha!

She is a good sport when it comes to costumes for parties (even when I'm on Ebay finding them):

And she loves her GodDog Zilla.

And of course this is my boy BFF:

And don't forget my work peeps either - my fellow Twihards!!

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