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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I know I've blogged about this similar topic awhile back, but earlier today I was going through my calendar (remember the blog about my control freakedness?)  and looking at all the stuff coming up.  I'm super excited to have fun stuff going on, yet at the same time it will make my freakin' summer go by in 2 seconds.  :-(

Fun stuff going on this spring/summer:

Concerts:  CAKE and Florence + The Machine (May and June)

House on the Rock/Taliesin road trip (May)

Wedding (June)

Movies:  HARRY POTTAAAH! (July)

Stuff I plan on doing this spring/summer:

* Spin Class
* Farmer's Market
* Taking Lucas' niece to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
* Having the god children up
* Having my family up for boating on Lake Minnetonka.  Vinci approves of boating on Lake Minnetonka.

* I would LOVE to go visit my friend Boo, and Lucas' aunt and uncle and cousin in Denver at some point!
* Trying lots of new restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Now, spring/summer, where are you????

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