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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Day 28/30 -  A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?  

Finally, an easy one, lol.  Obviously the major thing that's changed for me this year is my weight.  I can't think of anything else really?  I work for 2 surgeons now instead of 1.  Still have 3 dogs, 1 husband, same friends, same house (for now).  

                    Christmas 2009

This was literally a year ago - it was the end of February because we were having a potluck at work to celebrate Foxy Roxy's birthday.  That would be Foxy and Nurse Brown harassing me while *I* was actually working, lol.  I was about 10 lbs down in this picture.

Now!  Last night before dinner.  Lucas decided he needed some pictures of me in his phone so he took these:

Me and ze puppies - only the little grey blur is mine.  Booker (the red blur) and Zoe, the dog almost as tall as me, are our house guests for the week.

My supermodel pose, lol.  I'm such a nerd.

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