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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


First of all - BUY OUR HOUSE!!!  Its officially for sale!! Our House!

Day 10/30 - A picture of what I would find in your bag - sorry for the quality of pictures - I was using my cell phone.  :-) 

First of all - zeeee bag.   I know its huge.  Leave me alone.  No one complains of the size when I carry their crap in it through the airport.  ;-)

I'll spare you pictures of the misc change, receipts, etc in there.

Chapstick and lipgloss.  I'm a chapstick whore.


Lotion -  my hair is super static-y in the winter - put some lotion on your hand and run it over/through your hair.  It doesn't make it greasy and it helps with the flyaways.  Love.

Work badge


Drugs (I have everything from Advil to Tylenol to Benadryl - I know what color they are so I don't end up taking a Benadryl for a headache haha)

Pain pills for my dog - I know, I'm crazy.  Once in awhile Vinci does something weird to his neck (he must pinch a nerve or something) and he'll get some crazy weird neck pain/stiffness.  A few days and its better, but in the meantime I will give him a pain pill to help him so he can sleep comfortable.  I know, the dog is an addict.

Misc pens, extra key set and mirror.



I usually have a book in there too!  Hope you enjoyed the tour of my big ass purse!!  

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