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Monday, February 14, 2011


Day 23/30 -   A picture that motivates you to do more.

I've got two (of course):  

What's with the heart?  I thought it was perfect for Valentine's Day and February being Heart Health Awareness month.  Heart disease runs like mad on my mom's side of the family (Thanks MA!) - my grandpa died of a heart attack in his 50's (long before I was around), my uncle had a heart attack at a young age, my aunt has had heart issues, my other aunt has a heart murmur.  YIKES!  Oh and Dad's family strokes out.  So at least my death should in theory be quick (heart attack vs aneurysm) - not something to joke about I know, but like I wrote about 4 days ago, I think of death much differently than others.  :P  So losing weight has not only been important to me because I want to wear cute clothes but also because my genes aren't on my side - I'm doing everything I can do have a healthy heart by eating better and moving.  And my blood pressure has gone from borderline high to normal since I've lost weight (sweet!).  

My second picture:

This is Whitney Thompson and she is a plus sized model.  And she's fricken hot.  If this is plus sized, I'll be plus sized and proud of it.  Looking at a picture like this motivates me to do those sit ups and Pilates (700 sit ups last week!).  I have NO interest in being SKINNY.  I want to be curvy and looking healthy (and looking good in my clothes - not like a clothes hanger)!

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