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Friday, September 30, 2011


Happy Friday!  For only working 2 days this week, it felt like I worked a week!  Sheesh.  It was like a full moon coming today - the phone calls were nuts man.  And I didn't sleep well Wed and Thurs nights because I think I'm use to sleeping in.  :(  So I need to get caught up on my sleep this weekend!   What are your plans for the weekend?  Tomorrow my friend Katy is coming over and we're going to make cake pops.  What are cake pops you ask?  These adorable things:

We aren't going all fancy yet - you can REALLY get fancy with these babies.  We're going to do a test batch this weekend to see how they taste and get an idea of how hard/easy/putzy these things will be.  Co-workers I will be using you as taste testers next week!

What else?  Oh! We went back to Ragstock tonight - I got a different dress.  $6.  Score!  Much lighter colored than the other one - better for blood for Zombie Pub Crawl.  So on Sunday we'll probably be destroying zombie costumes.  

We have a couple movies to watch (Bridesmaids and Community Season 2) AND I'm going to experiment with a new recipe - Butternut Squash Mac n Cheese - stay tuned for the review.

Tomorrow is October 1 - best month of the year.  :)

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