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Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, I kind of speak my mind....  I never did when I was younger but the older I get, the less shy I am about telling you how it is (thanks to Grandma Georgia's genes).  My friends know this. And I think most of them appreciate it.  I'm sorry if that makes me bitchy.  That's certainly not my intent.  But I'm also not going to sugar coat things either.  I had some email exchanges with a family member today.  Unfortunately I had to call it like I see it.  Unfortunately she doesn't see it like I call it (and we've agreed to disagree, aka, not spoken to each other in over 7 years).  Sometimes I feel like the "black sheep" in the family because I'm about the only one who calls it like it is... sigh...  hopefully most of you still love me even if I am the bad child in the family, lol.  :)

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