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Sunday, September 11, 2011


My phone was ringing at 8 am.  Who the hell is calling me I thought.... I answered the phone and it was Lucas - "Turn on the TV - what do you see?" "Huh?" - I'm half asleep here.  "Turn on the TV - the radio just said a plane hit a building in New York City." - Ok I'm waking up now.  I fumbled for my glasses and fumbled for the remote.  I turned on the TV and saw a building on fire.  A second later I saw another plane hit the other building.  "Another plane just hit" I said - Lucas said "No, it was just the one" and I said "Um, no another one just hit."

It was just another Tuesday.  I had just started my 2nd year of college.  I was 19.  I didn't have class on Tuesdays hence my dismay at a phone call at 8 am.  Lucas was in his freshman year of school and was on his way in when the KQ Morning Show had CNN on in the background and saw this building on fire in NY.  The rest I guess is history.

What do I remember most about those days following the attacks?  No planes in the sky.  I remember finally seeing and hearing a plane in the sky and it was just eerie.  Lucas' sister got married that Saturday 9/15 and I remember a few people ended up driving to the wedding since there was no air travel.  I remember going to school that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and watching the idiocracy of the hicks I went to school with - here they were hootin' and hollerin' with their American flags waving from their big trucks - I remember thinking "Really?  You're such PROUD Americans - if I handed you a rifle and told you to go fight for this country, would you?" - I bet 8 out of 10 wouldn't.  Would you have run into a burning building knowing it could come down any second?  Doubt it.  It takes special people to fill those shoes.

I often wonder if this is how Pearl Harbor was for my grandparents.....  although back then they had the fortune of not having to watch it play out on TV... they just got newspaper reports hours or days later.  Is it scarier not knowing? Or scarier knowing everything?

KDWB did this tribute for 9/11.  Brings back lots of memories.  KDWB Remembers 9/11

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