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Friday, April 15, 2011


Five Question Friday

1. Do you know what your REAL hair color is?

Um, kind of?  :-) Its the anti color, aka dishwater brown/blonde.  I had highlighted bleach blonde hair til after I got married.  A few months after our wedding in 2004 I went RED!  Haven't seen blonde since!  I've been dark brown, medium brown, red, highlights here, highlights there.  :-) 

2. Do you plan ahead for summer, or fly by the seat of your pants?

A little of both - I like to have some things planned (like my parties) but I also like to just decide to go out on the boat on a 97 degree Saturday too.  :-)  97 degrees?  What's that feel like you ask (as it starts to SNOW OUT!)? 

3. What is your favorite meal to cook?

Hmmm..... I would say a pot roast because you put it in the crock pot and then you don't have to deal with it for like 6-12 hours later.  

4. Do you get offended by not receiving thank yous?


5. How did you meet your best friend?

Define "best friend" - I don't have just one!  One I met at  prom, a few I met at work and one I met on the internet (and I have yet to meet her)!  

PS - finished my book.  I really liked it - I laughed out loud ALOT, and the main character could totally be Lucas.  :-)

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