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Saturday, April 16, 2011


ADHD Thoughts for the Day:

This looks good:  Strawberry Lime Mojito.  I think I'll need to make some of that this summer (if it ever shows up).  

We're going down to Rock Bottom Brewery this evening for Bekki and Camilo's going away party.  I need to figure out what to wear....

This weather can straighten up any time now.  We woke up to snow on the ground today. Look at this grossness:

And lastly, happy 16th birthday to my niece Ashley.  She was born on Easter Sunday, during an ice storm, while my dad, her dad and I watched Pollyanna in the waiting room at the hospital.  :-) 

Here we are "back in the day" (I think she was 8 in the picture).

Here we are at Halloween this year - she's taller than me now, sigh.

Happy Birthday Ash!  Don't crash the car!


  1. Can I just say CRAZY?! In my head Ashley is still the 10-year-old junior bridesmaid from your wedding. LOL

  2. I know! Pretty soon it will be Brianna!