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Sunday, April 10, 2011


My 100th post!  Woohoo!  Don't worry, its nothing special, haha.

Did everyone survive the storms last night?  I didn't hear anything til 410 am and I woke up and said "Oh its raining" and Lucas said "Uhhh, its BEEN raining all night".  Apparently I was sleeping really well.   Basil HATES thunder.  HATES IT.  To the point that when it storms at night she's up shaking and barking the whole time.  So last year I got her this:

Here she is last night in her Thunder Shirt (Chuck is saying "Yawwwn!  Get over it B"):

It worked!!  She slept quietly all night and didn't freak out.  Hopefully it wasn't a fluke.

It was pretty humid today - I took Vinci and went to my friend Kristin's house and we went for a walk on the paths near her house.  She walked her mini Schnauzer Emmett.  The pups were tired.   :-) 

Dinner tonight:

Mini chicken tacos from Trader Joe's.  These are pretty good.  4 tacos are 190 calories and they aren't too high in sodium either.  I usually have 2 servings and am plenty full.  Served with Trader Joe's salsa and low fat sour cream.

Happy Sunday everyone.  Enjoy your last day of freedom before work tomorrow. :)

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