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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Home from ghost hunting!   It was definitely an interesting experience.   Lucas will tell you he didn't see or feel a darn thing.  Sigh. I told him I hope a ghost scares the bejeezus out of him some day.   The the first 20-30 min of the tour are spent talking about the history of the theater and the next 30 are spent letting you take pictures, do EVP work, etc.  The theater was built in 1922 as a vaudeville theater.  Nothing "traumatic" happened at the theater to cause the hauntings.  They believe 2 of the spirits there (Red and Jim) were former workers and one of the ghosts (Mary) is a small girl who was found dead in the parking lot.  I'll post some pics I took though I don't see anything weird - there are some "orb" like things that are more than likely dust.

Our experiences:  My friend Lynda thought she saw a small shadow on the stage - this would make sense as the little girl Mary tends to be seen on stage and they keep a small red ball up there for her to play with.  Also, when we were standing on the stage looking up at the projection room the windows would black out - as if someone was walking up there.   When we first walked into the theater I feel that "hair on end feeling" for awhile and then it eventually went away.  They had a KII meter (which is suppose to light up when ghosts are around - they use them on Ghost Hunters all the time) - it lit up quite a bit.  There was a flashlight sitting on the table that Mary likes to play with.   They kept asking her to turn it off and finally right before we were going to leave it dimmed, then went really bright and then finally off.  Lucas thinks the battery went out or the lady hit the table.  Sigh.  :)

I would like to maybe go back sometime for the 3 hour ghost hunt (although its $60!).  We had some super annoying teenagers in our group - I think we would have more stuff going on if its a smaller group who weren't there to screw around.

Here are the pics:

Don't worry - those aren't ghosts.

Standing on stage facing the back doors.

An earlier group of people were seeing shadows along the wall.

This picture scared me at first LOL.  It was pitch black and I didn't know there was a damn ball up there until the picture showed up, ha.

A picture of the projection room windows that were dimly lit - you could see a shadow black out the windows moving left to right.

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