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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Happy Tuesday!  Less than 100 days left of blogging daily.  Less than 100 days left of 2011.  74 days til Christmas.  Ok, I will shut my filthy mouth.

Any suggestions on what you'd like for me to blog about between now and then?  Recipes?  Fashion? Make up? Current events?  Restaurant Reviews?  Movie Reviews?  Ask me anything?  Let me know. :)

On another note - this weekend we're going ghost hunting!  No, really, we are....  we're going here:
http://www.realhauntedtours.com/   Should be fun!  I will of course blog about the experience.  :)

Peace, love, out as my dear friend Nurse Brown says.


  1. I went to that website ... OMG! I am totally going to do that! Chad's not into it, so I gotta find someone else that can appreciate the paranormal :)

  2. I'm pretty much a paranormal freak. :) We're going this Saturday at the 7pm tour if you can get tickets feel free to meet us there! I'm bringing the camera. One of my friends has a voice recorder. They have EVP's on their website. :)