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Monday, October 3, 2011


My new favorite shows:

Community - totally addicted!  We watched the first couple episodes of season 1 and didn't get hooked.  My friend Julie borrowed us Season 1 and we decided to give it another try.  Yep, sucked.right.in.  We're not starting Season 2.

Dexter is baaaaaccckkkkkk!  Its not new, but I'm so happy to have it back.  We canceled cable awhile back but luckily we found somewhere to watch it online.   Loooooveeeeeee iiiittt!

New Girl -  I like Zooey Deschanel's weirdness and style so I'm hoping it continues to grow on me, but I like it so far.  :)

And the jury is still out on....

Pan Am - its not a favorite yet.....  but I keep watching because it has a good spy story line going on right now... ya'll know I love me some Mad Men.... but Pan Am isn't Mad Men.   They don't even smoke for the love of the land!  I realize its on "network TV" but come on people.   Oh well, I can drool over the fashions... and hope it get a little better. :)

And!  I read that Arrested Development is coming back for another season and a movie (after being off the air for years).  Have you guys seen it?  If not, Netflix it.  Its pretty damn funny.

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