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Friday, October 7, 2011



1. What is your go to comfort food or sweet?

Hmmmmm. That's a good question.  I wouldn't say I have a "go to" comfort food.  Chicken Noodle Soup is always good.  

2. What is the most romantic place you've ever been to?

Ummmm - A haunted plantation or the French Quarter in New Orleans.... very mysterious in a good way.

3. What is your favorite thing about fall/Halloween?

Have you read my posts before?  UM EVERYTHING!!  The temperature (crisp air), the smell in the air, fall colors, HALLOWEEN, haunted houses, ValleyScare, Zombie Pub Crawl, sweaters, fuzzy socks, hot dish, sleeping under lots of covers with the window open, bonfires.. ok ok, I'll stop.  You get my drift.

4. How would you spend 24 hours alone?

Sleeping and if I had cable watching trashy TV that Lucas hates (Bridezilla, E! True Hollywood Story, etc.).

5. Does you husband bring you flowers? Are you the bring-me-flowers type of girl?

No - he knows better.  I think flowers are mostly a waste of money (they die in like a week) - I'd rather you hand me $50-$100 and say go buy some clothes.  :)

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