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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The full moon is coming!    Oy, what a day.  Crazy patients at work.  Poor Lucas' motorcycle died on University Ave (something was up and he basically moved a mile in an hour thus his battery died) so I had to go pick him up - mind you by this time its POURING rain.  Traffic is a cluster because of the Twins game, Taylor Swift concert and monsoon.  Sheesh.  So I'm sitting on Washington Ave where Lucas said to meet and all of a sudden I see him zoom by on a Nice Ride bike!  LOL.  For those of you who don't know what Nice Ride is - you basically can rent bikes and take them from station to station.  So while Lucas was walking in the rain to meet me, he saw a Nice Ride and the lightbulb went off!  ;-)   The rental fee is $6 for 24 hours so he's hoping to pick up a Nice Ride tomorrow (I'll drop him off somewhere), ride to his moto, charge the battery and hopefully get to work.  So needless to say poor Lucas is enjoying a beer right now. 

On another note!  Julie "antique"d some more Mad Men party pics.  They turned out so awesome!  Thank you Julie!  Enjoy!

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