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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Five Question Friday Saturday edition. :-)

1. Did you make any fun purchases this week?
I ordered a couple things from Old Navy and Forever 21 - I don't have them yet so I can't say if they're fun, lol.  I'll let ya know.  

2. If you could go to any musical concert, what would it be?
Ummmm, hard to say?  Everyone said U2 put on an amazing show in Minneapolis, BUT I hate large venues so let's go with U2 at First Ave.

3. What is your least fav/ most fav house chore?
Least favorite?  Washing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.  Hate it.  Most favorite?  Organizing my closet.  Or organizing things in general.

4. Would you prefer new appliances or clothes?
Hard to say.....  Right now I should say new appliances because ours are old.  :)

5. Miracle Whip or Mayo?
Depends on what I'm using it for.  I tend to prefer Miracle Whip because that's what my mom used so I've grown use to the taste of it.

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