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Thursday, August 18, 2011


What a looooovely day off!  My dear friend Julie and I had a Tut and Tilia day (with a cemetery thrown in).  

We went to the Science Museum to see the King Tut exhibit.  It was really interesting.  Julie saw the actual exhibit in Cairo "back in the day" - I won't tell you how back in the day....  (love ya Jules).  Its here til Labor Day - go see it if you haven't!

Then we went to Tilia for lunch. Tilia is getting a TON of buzz in Minneapolis.  Lucas (and his coworkers) actually built and installed some of the booths and the bar in Tilia.  It opened sometime this past winter and the wait to be seated was literally HOURS long - but people didn't complain and they kept lining up - hence the reason we decided to go on a weekday during lunch (and it was still hoppin).  I have yet to read a bad review of this place.   Love this picture Julie took of me outside the restaurant:

Ok ok, now to the food.  I had the fish taco torta - think fish taco on a bun.  Holy shiza it was amazeballs.  Julie had the Wild Arctic Char - its basically salmon - but it had some onion bacon marmalade goodness on it.  Wow.  Dessert included a dark chocolate cupcake.  I could eat a whole bowl of homemade whip cream.

So on the way back to Julie's place we swung by Lakewood Cemetery to visit her great grandparents - ok she really wanted me to see the chapel there but we swung by to say hi to the g's too.  The chapel is beauuuuuuutiful.  It was built in 1909 and its on the National Register of Historic Places.   The entire inside of the chapel is filled with MILLIONS of mosaics.  The pictures do not do it justice. 

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